Blueberry Limeade #34 Cut


Blueberry Limeade #34

Lineage: Cactus Breath f2 x Joint’s Blueberry – A collaboration between myself & @dabbsfordads

9 Week Bloom

Flavors/Terps: Very Reminiscent of the Cactus Breath with added Blueberry Terps. Blueberry, Lime, Creamy, Musky, Skunky, Doughy, Earthy.

Effects: Very Potent Medicine. Best used for Night time

Height: Grows just like the Cactus mother. Big, tall, and vigorous.

Yield: Yields just like the Cactus Mother. Big Yields

This is one of x2 Cuts I currently have of the Blueberry Limeade. This one favors the Cactus mother but still has that blueberry in there. She yields huge and puts on a great show during flower. Deep, Dark purple, Pink, and yellow fades. She is easy to grow and manage, but likes to eat and drink so keep that in mind.

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