Cactus Breath f2 (Joint’s Cut)


Cactus Breath F2

Originally created by Thug Pug Genetics, and then further worked into an f2 generation by my friend @dabbsfordads.

9-10 Week Bloom
Flavors/Terps: Lime, Musk, OG Pine, Skunky, Earthy
Height: Grows big and tall very Vigorously
Yield: Huge yielder
Effects: Very potent hybrid, leans more to Indica. Keeps you lit for hours

I was gifted a pack of these by @dabbsfordads in search of real lime terps. I grew out x25 females and this was the keeper. She is very strong, has super thick stalks and branching, yields extremely well, Limey as hell, and is easy to grow. She does like to eat and drink so keep that in mind. She has thrived under any conditions I have put her in with no real issues. I have grown her out about 7 different times now and she never disappoints!

This cut is the mother of my Blueberry Limeade and is being incorporated into many more breeds.

Please allow up to 5 Business days for the shipping of any cuts as I am shipping them as they root, and it is first come first serve.

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