Joint’s Blueberry (Blueberry OG Dominant Cut)


Joint’s Blueberry Bx2 (Blueberry OG Dominant Pheno)

Lineage: Forum Cut GSC x Blueberry OG

9 Week Bloom

Flavors/Terps: Blueberries, Super Gassy, OG Pine Lemon, Menthol, Musky, Earthy.

Effects: This is very Potent medicine. Every time I indulge I feel like I am Space Walking! Great for Pain Relief and a good nights sleep.

Height: Medium; She doesn’t get too tall, but she does grow vigorously, and has a bit of a stretch.

Yield: Medium/High

This cut is very special. Its easy to grow and the medicine is superb. It’s almost exactly identical to the Blueberry OG I created and used to create my blueberry back in 2015. She also shows out late flower with a beautiful Pink, Purple, and Yellow fade.

Please allow up to 5 business days for the shipping of any cuts as I am shipping them as they root, and it is first come first serve.

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