We are a small, exotic, family owned, craft breeding company that has been dedicated to producing the highest quality seeds for over 12 years.Our seeds are carefully cultivated in living soil and we have spent the last decade + perfecting our organic growing methods. This allows us to create a healthy, Bio-Diverse environment that produces cannabis plants with superior flavor, aroma, and potency, without the use of synthetic, chemical fertilizers or pesticides.Our seeds are not only 100% Organic, but they also have very high germination rates. This means that you can trust that our seeds will sprout and grow into healthy, robust plants.In addition to our commitment to sustainability and taste, we are also dedicated to producing seeds that are scientifically sound. We carefully select each and every one of our cultivars for their unique genetic potential and subject them to rigorous testing to ensure that they meet our high standards for quality. We believe that this extra touch of care and attention is what sets us apart from other cannabis breeders.Thank you for choosing Joint Custody Seeds for all of your seed needs. We look forward to helping you grow the best possible plants!




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