Blueberry Limeade f1


Blueberry Limeade f1

This is a Joint x @Dabbsfordads Collaboration

Lineage: Cactus Breath f2 #13 x Joint’s Blueberry

x15 Seeds Per Pack
Includes (One) x10 seed Gift Pack Per Order

The Gift Pack for this release is Bleu Chardonnay
(Blueberry Orange Juice #4 x Blueberry Limeade)

Gender: Regular Photo Period

Flower Time: 60-70 Days

Terps/Flavors: Blueberry, Lime, Menthol, Gas/Fuel, Skunky.

Height: Doubles in size during flower.

Effects: Pain Relieving, Mild Body Buzz, Anti-Anxiety, Will help with Insomnia, Great for an all day medicine, or before bed. Also contains CBD.

@dabbsfordads sent me a pack of x20 Cactus Breath f2s about a year and a half ago. Every single plant was a female. I hunted through them all and narrowed my selection down to a robust, vigorous, high yielding mother that is full of Lime terps. She can also withstand high heat, light leaks, and sever drought. I then used my Blueberry male that I have had for many years, (which is the same male I have used on most of my Blueberry crosses & projects) and pollinated that beautiful female to create these Blueberry Limeade seeds. These are the exact same seeds that were offered as an exclusive gift pack in the Blueberry Box Set I released @ the beginning of 2023.

After releasing the BB Box set, I had x31 of these seeds left and I grew them all. I had x21 females, & x10 males. A roughly 67% female ratio. All of these ladies have been growing phenomenally well. No intersex issues on any of them, and they are Terpy as hell! The Blueberry & Lime combine extremely well, and I have also found a Limey Root Beer pheno!

As for the Gift Pack.. It is called “Bleu Chardonnay”. This was created using my Blueberry Orange Juice f2 #4 cut and a beautiful Blueberry Limeade male that I found while testing. These Bleu Chardonnay seeds have yet to be tested, but I am confident they are going to be insane! Beautiful, strong plants full of crazy terps!

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Blueberry Limeade f1



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