Neurotoxin Bx1


One of my most Popular lines and some of my all time favorite Medicine!


Neurotoxin Bx1 –

Lineage – Venom OG x Cheerios

Cheerios Lineage – Tropicana Cookies F2 x Sundae Driver x Biscotti

x15 Seeds per pack

includes a x10 Seed Gift Pack per order

Very High Yielding & Excellent Trichome Coverage

Super Indica & Couch Lock effects

Aromatics – Gas/Fuel, Hash, Eucalyptus, OGK Pine & Lemon, hints of fruitiness in some plants on the backend.

Excellent for making Hash & Pressing Rosin with big returns

Very Easy to Grow

Typically the majority of plants will be short & squat, and won’t stretch too much.

Does best as a Multi-Topped Bush with trellis netting.

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Neurotoxin Bx1



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