Joint’s Blueberry Box Set


Joint’s Blueberry Box Set

This Box Set comes with x6 packs in total and NOT x5. I decided to add the Star Fuel to this set last minute after I had already finished creating this flyer so please be aware lol. There are 6 packs, NOT 5!

Each pack will contain x15 seeds. x90 seeds in total.

The Blueberry Limeade is EXCLUSIVE to the Box Set Only! So If you order any individual packs from the other listings, you will receive the Star Fuel as your Gift Pack.

This little box set is the Culmination of 8 years of hard work and dedication. It has taken me 8 years to get to this point with the Blueberry line and these other cultivars. I have put a tremendous amount of time and testing into these. They will be sure to impress and re-inspire your love for growing 🙂

This is going to be the last line-up of seeds I put out for quite awhile. Probably for the next 2-4 years. I am taking a break and focusing on my Youtube channel and just growing flower. So once these are all sold out, then that’s it!

Thank you all for your love & support. I am happy to finally bring you this Epic Blueberry lineup after all this time!


Box Set Includes:

Joint’s Blueberry Bx2

Blueberry Orange Juice f2

Squid Ink v2

Blueberry Sour Punch

Gift Packs: Blueberry Limeade & Star Fuel

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Joint’s Blueberry Box Set



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